1.How can I join the Bonus Miles program?

You can join the Bonus Miles program by filling in the application form you will find here.

2.Where else can I get an application form?

Applications for joining in the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles program can be obtained at:

  • Hellenic Seaways Headquarters
  • Cooperating travel agencies
  • Shipping agencies
  • Hellenic Seaways ticket offices
  • Hellenic Seaways vessels

3.How do I receive my card?

Once you have properly filled in the relevant application form,mail it to our Headquarters. We will send you your card by post after processing your application. Please note this might take a couple of weeks.

4.How do I earn miles on my card?

The credit of miles is automatic when boarding your vessel with the condition that your travel agent has registered the number of your individual Bonus Miles card on your ticket when issuing this ticket. You will need to present your Bonus Miles card and ID card with your ticket upon check-in. 

You can also credit miles from the date of application to the receipt of your card, by submitting photocopies of your tickets’ stubs either by fax at +30 210 4117900 or at our central booking offices at 6, Astingos Street, Karaiskaki Square - Piraeus.

5.Are miles of my car also credited?

In case you transport your privately owned car, the corresponding ticket value is credited to your card, not miles, as these have already been credited by your individual ticket. Credit in this case also takes place when boarding your vessel with the condition that your travel agent has registered the number of your individual card on your vehicle ticket as well, which should also indicate its registration number.

6.When does class upgrade take place?

Class upgrade only takes place if you have completed 3,000 miles and you are a Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles gold card holder. Then, by showing your card to the crew of the vessel, and subject to availability, class upgrade takes place.

7.What if I lose my card?

In case of theft, loss or destruction of the card, you must inform us in writing by completing an affirmation; a new card will be issued after cancelling the previous for security reasons. Your miles will automatically be transferred to the new card.

8. When do I qualify for a free ticket?

When you have completed 1,000 miles, we refund 10% of the total fare value for the tickets purchased. If this amount covers the value of the ticket you want to issue, you are eligible for a free ticket. With the completion of this process, the corresponding amount is automatically deducted from your account.

9. If I do not redeem the amount granted to me in the first 1,000 miles, do I lose it?

You do not. This amount is added and will accrue when you have completed the next 1,000 miles.

10. Can a corporate card be issued?

The card is strictly personal and each member retains only one account. Finally,young children (up to 12 years old) can also join the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles Programme, if requested by parents. In such a case, a Junior Card is issued and the same procedure as for adults is followed.

11.Does miles’ credit apply only to specific itineraries?

No, miles’ credit is applied on all Hellenic Seaways vessels to any destination, provided that the ticket states the name of the card holder.