What are the advantages of joining the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles program?

  • All the members enjoy a 30% discount to the car tickets, for traveling to Cyclades and Northeast Aegean.
  • Upon completion of 1000 miles we credit your account with 10% of the total price of the tickets you have purchased.
  • When you complete 3000 miles, you automatically become a GOLD MEMBER and you enjoy a seat upgrade, from Economy to Business Class or from Business to VIP Class (High-speed vessels) or to the Distinguished Class Lounge * (Ferries).

*Subject to availability

How could you be informed about your card's number and the miles that you have earned?

Through our website, our mobile app, by calling the number +30 210 4199154 or by visiting our central ticket agency (6, Astiggos St, Karaiskaki Sq., Piraeus - across Gate E7).

How do you redeem the miles you have earned?

Upon completion of 1,000 miles, your electronic wallet is automatically credited with the "bonus" amount you have earned.

You can book tickets at the same or lower price with your bonus by quoting the number of your membership card, to the HELLENIC SEAWAYS central ticket agency or any central travel agent, to any of our destinations.

After the first gift encashment, the next ones are made each time you complete an additional 1000 miles (eg 2000 miles, 3000 miles, etc.). In addition, your electronic wallet is updated every 1000 miles credited to your card.

How do you become a member of the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles Program?

Easily, by filling in the online application form that you’ll find here. Please note that you have to fill in a different application form for each family member, since all Bonus Miles cards are strictly personal.

How will your Bonus Miles Card be activated?

After receiving your online application, Hellenic Seaways will immediately create your account, in order for you to use your personal Bonus Miles card (the number) to your next trip. 

How do you credit the "miles"?

Each time you travel, do not forget when issuing your tickets, to ask your travel agent to register your Bonus Miles card number on your ticket, in order for your miles to be registered.

Along with the individual tickets, please ask for the addition of your card’s number also to your vehicle's ticket. Your vehicle’s miles will not appear in your account, but with the complement of 1000 miles, we’ll refund 10% of the total amount you have spent for both passenger and vehicle tickets.


Special Offer! By registering now, you earn 50 miles as a welcome gift from Hellenic Seaways!