Appointed Captains start young!

For its younger friends, Hellenic Seaways has launched the Junior Captain program!

Eligible for the Junior Captain programare children under 12 years of age.Every junior member of the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles Club embarks on a journey full of, knowledge and experiences about the sea and its rules!

A magical world of compasses, maps, and many miles to travel with Hellenic Seaways! Final Destination: After rising through,depending on the Mileage of each time, all degrees of naval hierarchy, children are awarded the grade of Junior Captain and win a free VIP round trip for them and their family to any destination they desire! Enroll your children to the Hellenic Seaways Bonus Miles Club for Juniors and rise through the ranks! Ranks:

  • 3,000 miles = Application for Seafarers document
  • 4,000 miles = Junior Cadet
  • 5,000 miles = Junior Second Officer
  • 6,000 miles = Junior Lieutenant
  • 7,000 miles = Junior First Mate
  • 10,000 miles = Junior Captain