Hellenic Seaways in collaboration with Μystery Lab, present for the first time escape rooms on board!


Those who travel with Nissos Rodos, will be able to become the protagonists in a magnificent experience. Take your friends, choose a room/ scenario and experience the adventure!


Two Rooms await you to escape.


Captain James Secret

England, 1806 Captain C.J. James of the Navy suddenly one night vanishes, while the ship was approaching the coasts of Spain. The last man to see the captain saw him in the hold and after that his traces were lost. Where did the captain go? What secrets did he hide? Why he disappeared?

Let's turn the time back and enter the ship's hold.


Lost Revised

You are the only survivors of an air crash on a desert island. In the search for food and water, you discover a crypt.

Entering in, the door behind you locks and time counts backwards without anyone knowing what happens when time is reset. Will you find out the secrets of the crypt, which are buried for years, and escape before it is too late?


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