HELLENIC SEAWAYS, operating with the aim of constantly improving its services, ensuring passenger and crew safety and protecting the marine environment, is the first Greek coastal maritime company to be awarded the ISO 50001:2011 certification for energy management. Lloyd Register Quality Assurance awarded the certificate following an extensive monitoring programme at the company’s ships and headquarters which tracked electricity and fuel consumption and staff training.  During the same process. the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certificates pertaining to quality and environmental management where also renewed.

HELLENIC SEAWAYS implements Environmental and Energy Management Policies as well as Quality Assurance by monitoring predefined parameters that pertain to environmental factors and passenger satisfaction, and develops plans and procedures that aim to the continual improvement of its performance in these sectors.   

Mr. Antonis Agapitos, C.E.O. of HELLENIC SEAWAYS, received the certificate during a presentation ceremony held in the context of POSEIDONIA 2016 by Mr. Nick Brown, Marine & Offshore Director, Lloyd’s Register, and stated: “We are very proud that our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our services and to protect the environment are being recognized in a very important field such as energy management, and that we are the first Greek coastal maritime company to receive the certification. Respect towards our passengers, our crews and the marine environment are fundamentals of our philosophy at HELLENIC SEAWAYS, and we continue our dedicated efforts towards continual improvement.”

Photo (from left to right):

·         Mr. Ioannis Iakovou, GEMA Marine Management Systems Manager, Lloyd’s Register

·         Mr. Tom Boardley, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate and External Affairs, Lloyd’s Register

·         Mr. Antonis Agapitos, C.E.O., Hellenic Seaways

·         Mr. Nick Brown, Marine & Offshore Director, Lloyd’s Register