The new Board of Directors was elected and announced


The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of HELLENIC SEAWAYS, where 96.22% of the shareholders was represented, approved all issues on the Agenda by majority vote. A new Board of Directors was elected, convened and announced the following members:  


President: Konstantinos Klironomos       

1st Vice – President and C.E.O: Antonios Agapitos

2nd Vice President: George Papaioannou


Members of the Board:

Stavros Angelidakis

George Vassilokonstantakis

Takis Kliridis

Ioannis- Alkiviadis Korres

George Liakopoulos

Konstantinos Loizidis

Michael Sarlis

Theano Sterioti – Kallitsi


Mr. Antonis Agapitos, C.E.O., stated: “I thank all the shareholders who attended the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and confirmed their trust in the Company and Management. I congratulate and welcome the new members of the Board, who are all experienced and established members of the banking and maritime community. Together we will continue HELLENIC SEAWAYS’ return to growth.”