We would like to inform you that due to 48h strike by Hellenic Seamen’s Federation itineraries of ARIADNE will be modified as follows:

TUESDAY 16/05/17 itinerary remain suspended from MYTILINI 20:00 to CHIOS-PIRAEUS

WEDNESDAY 17/05/17 by the end of the strike and to serve the transportation needs of SAMOS, an extraordinary approach will be taken place to VATHI:

      from MYTILINI 23:59-CHIOS 02:40/03:10- VATHI 06:00/06:30-PIRAEUS 14:15 (Thursday 18/05/17)

THURSDAY 18/05/17 in order the ship return to its scheduled itineraries, it will operate an itinerary from PIRAEUS 17:00-VATHI 00:45/01:15 (Friday 19/05/17) -CHIOS 04:00/04:30 -MYTILINI 07:10

FRIDAY 19/05/17:from MYTILINI 09:00-CHIOS 11:40/12:10- PIRAEUS 19:30 and then on its scheduled route 21:00 from PIRAEUS to CHIOS-MYTILINI

Passengers are informed by the company.