Please be informed that after the improvement of the weather conditions and the forbidden sailing lift, the itineraries of EXPRESS PEGASUS, are formulated as follows:

Monday 1/10/18 

The itinerary was executed from Kavala 07:30 to Limnos 12:10/14:30, Ag. Efstratios 15:50/16:10, Lavrio 00:10.  


Tuesday 2/10/18 

The itinerary is executed from Lavrio 02:00 to Ag. Efstratios 09:30/09:50, Limnos 11:20/12:40, Kavala 17:10.  

The itinerary will be executed from Kavala 18:20 to Limnos 22:50/23:59, Ag. Efstratios 01:20/01:30 (03/10/18), Lavrio 09:00.  


Afterwards, it will return to its scheduled itineraries.